Friday, September 17, 2010

its been awhile

ok so lets see..
i have been accepted for a few more hunts

Hunts going on now:
Crazee Otaku Hunt
The Twisted Hunt

October Hunts include

Hallows Eve Hunt
Spooky Hollow Hunt
Diversity Hunt
Pumpkin Prints Hunt 2

The Unknown Hunt
The Fortune Tellers Hunt

November Hunts

The Autumn Hunt
Video Game Extravaganza

AND! The Pilgrim Hunt 2 which I am sponsoring :)

I am very excited about these hunts :D

Hopefully I will get some more for *"Wonderland"*

I found my scripter. I have to get some items for him and then we should be good to go on new tails :D
I will let you know when they come out


Friday, August 27, 2010

Store Items

Wellll hopefully I have finally found a scripter who can do what I want without it being to expensive. I also found a friend that can do graphic design and will help with new textures for my tails :D

not that there was anything wrong with what I have but hopefully I will have original stuffs.

in other news...
Hunts that I will be in include:

*Video Game Xtravaganza Hunt
*Diversity Treasure Hunt
*Twisted Hunt

*The Unknown Hunt - Halloween

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So I am not all that excited over this new Emerald problem. I have come to like and depend on Emerald features. I guess I will try Imprudence until Emerald gets back on its feet.
And I sure hope it does.

In other news...I just started opening hunt items from two years ago. How sad is that?

I did get all of my NSA items unpacked so now i just have to try them alll on and get piccys :D

Monday, August 23, 2010

No Strings Attached Hunt

Oh Man I finally finished it. I think there are 3 spots I did not get and that's it.
I will post pics of everything I got tomorrow! :D

I picked up a bunch of other items along the way.

Now I have to go do those hunts! haha


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Suicide Girls!

Woot! I was officially accepted into Suicide Girldom today :D
I am not sure exactly what my role will be, model, dj, host, dancer, etc... but I am still excited.

So far everyone seems nice and friendly.

It all started at my friends club, RazorPill.
I went to see his set and wham there was a gazillllion people there from the SG group.
One of the guys I met there (we were competing in trivia, I won) invited me into the group.
Everyone seemed to be a lot of fun so I joined and it all went from there. :)

If you are interested in becoming one of the girls or just joining the group to meet new people, look up Suicide Girls group and join. If you want an application to be an actual model etc...let me know :D

My twinners Chloe was accepted too. Uh Oh! Double Trouble! :D:D

More Piccys! YAY

This is one design for FlufferNutterz

This is the other.  Both are in use. They both come in about 5 different colors.

Actual pictures of my tails are still being updated with this background but here is some ideas of what I make

These are new tails I am working on.

Here is an idea of what the Bustle tail looks like.

Here are Pictures!

*"Wonderland"* Cheshire Themed Tail Ad            

*"Wonderland"* Bustle Tail Example Ad

*"Wonderland"* Logo